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CWI International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital

In 1952, Madame Soong Ching Ling established China Welfare Institute International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital by the reward from "International Peace Award". This hospital is a state-level hospital with the integration of medical treatment, care, scientific research and teaching, taking the lead in perinatal healthcare, high-risk care, neonatal disease treatment, birth control, and becomes one of the ten baby-friendly hospitals in China. In resent years, as the improvement of the medical treatment and conditions, as well as the services, more than 700,000 person-times have been treated here and nearly 20,000 person-times have been hospitalized here and 10,000 infants have been given birth in this hospital annually.

The CWI International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital is a specialized hospital capable of doing maternal and child healthy care, medical treatment, scientific researches, as well as teaching and training programs. Affiliated to it, there are the Shanghai Institute of Family Planning Technical Instruction and the Training and Center of China Reproduction Health Technical Instruction.

Aside from shouldering the task of experimental and pilot programs in MCH care, the hospital also initiates and promotes clinical researches in family self-care monitoring during pregnancy, breastfeeding, family planning, scientific child rearing, etc. In addition, the hospital carries out serial hygiene counseling for women from puberty to climacteric, researches and promotions of new methods of diagnosis, treatment and techniques. Moreover, the hospital is experimenting in comprehensive projects on community "better birth, better rearing and better education", giving lectures, physical examinations, supervising and training medical personnel in the impoverished mountainous areas. In 1994, it was rated as one of the 10 model "Baby Friendly Hospitals" in China.

The hospital has persistently attached great importance to international medical exchange and cooperation. Various collaborative projects with WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF and Edinburgh University, etc. have been carried out for making greater contributions to the health of women and children.
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910 Heng Shan Road, Shanghai, China, 200030

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