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Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of TCM

Founded in July 1960, Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the four oldest TCM clinical centers in China. Over 50 years, Longhua hospital has been dedicated to development of TCM and is known nationwide for outstanding patient care provided by its physicians and staff. With the distinguishing feature and prominent advantage of TCM, Longhua hospital serves as an institute-affiliated medical center that combines health care, education, and scientific research. It is regarded as an exemplary national model TCM hospital and is categorized as Shanghai grade III level A hospital. On December 2008, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine identified it as national TCM clinical research center for studies in Malignant Tumors and Bone Retrograde Affection research.

Longhua hospital is located on the southwest part of Shanghai with a total area of 52.3 mu (about 8.7 acres). It has 853 beds and 1466 full-time staffs (Pudong branch included) of which 215 awarded senior titles. The staff includes 11 professors of Academic Succession of Experienced TCM Doctors, 16 Shanghai reputable TCM doctors and 32 doctoral tutors. The hospital has set up inpatient and outpatient departments with advanced medical equipments. There are 3 state-level key disciplines and specialties, 7 key specialties of State Administration of TCM, 5 grade III laboratories and 2 key research centers of State Administration of TCM.

This hospital is distinctive for its TCM characteristics. It gives over 1.8 million outpatient consultations and discharges 25,000 inpatients annually. TCM has significant healing effects in the treatment of malignant tumors, bone retrograde affection, kidney disease, chololithiasis, rheumatism, eye disease, mastopathy, anus and intestine disease, spleen and stomach disease, respiratory disorder and Sores. There are 13 research centers of Academic Succession of Experienced TCM Doctors in Shanghai, 12 research centers of Experienced TCM Doctors in Shanghai University of TCM, 26 research centers of Experienced TCM doctors in Longhua hospital.
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725 South Wanping Road, Shanghai, China

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