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Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Medicine (IM) Hospital

Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Medicine (IM)Hospital, which is affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a Class A Municipal General Hospital, involving with medical care, education, and research, which is also granted by the Chinese National TCM Administration Bureau as the only Municipal Integrated Medicine Hospital of National level in Shanghai. It is also authorized as one of special medical centers for the expatriates in Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal Hygiene Bureau. As the hospital attracts most famous senior specialists of TCM & IM in the eastern area of China, therefore it owes a high reputation in the medical domain of TCM & IM. Combing with the characteristic and predominance of our Clinic Center, the hospital sets up the foreign clinic center of TCM & IM, which specially offers a comprehensive medical care of TCM & IM for the expatriates in Shanghai.

The following two departments are the specialized departments in this hospital.

Specialized Department of Acupuncture:

Inheriting the medical experiences of famous Acupuncture doctors in Shanghai and reserving the traditional acupuncture therapy, the department gives the successful treatments to Diseases of the Urogenital System such as Urination Disorder; Diseases of Motor-Nervous System such as Apoplexy Sequela, Peripheral facial paralysis, Pediatric cerebral palsy, Prolapsed Lumbar Intravertebral Disc; Diseases of Immunity System such as Ulcerative Colitis, Anaphylaxis Asthma; Diseases of Gynaecology such as Original Dysmenorrhoea, Chronic Backache and Arthralgia by combining multi-medical methods of Chinese traditional and western medicine with modern Acupuncture equipments. The department featured Obesity and Abstention of drugs by acupuncture as well.

Specialized Department of Tuina (Chinese Massage):

The department of Tuina is the gathering place of influential experts of Southern Tuina genres with extraordinary abilities in medical services, education and scientific research. The first master in 1988, first doctor in 2000, first post-doctor in 2003 of Tuina of China all graduated from here. The department has the 3-st grade Biomechanical Tuina Laboratory of National administration of TCM of People’s Republic of China and be subsidiary by the only Tuina Institution in China. It is granted by National Administration of TCM of People’s Republic of China as the National Tuina Medical Service Center of TCM and appointed as Shanghai Specialty of TCM. In recent years, on the base of the crossing-research fruits, the department has formed improved system of traditional Tuina maneuvers to treat Cervical Spondylopathy, Prolapsed Lumbar Intravertebral Disc, Lumbar Spondylolisthesis and other spinal diseases, having attained the significant effects. The Tuina therapy to extremities and arthritis’s trauma, Apoplexy Sequela etc, partial Internal Medicine Gynaecology Diseases and Paediatrics Tuina are its features as well.
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No.110 Ganhe Road, Shanghai, China, 200437

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