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For almost 60 years Hua Dong Hospital successfully helps millions of people to restore their health and get rid of annoying diseases. It's widely known not only within the country, but also all over the world. This is proved by the fact every year Hua Dong Hospital is visited by thousands of foreigners including government bodies, diplomatic representatives, businessmen and Chinese who live abroad.

Located in the popular Shanghai district, Hua Dong Hospital is a well-known destination for everyone who has any health problems. Visitors know they will always get a qualified medical help here as in this hospital work more than 130 trained professionals. In serious cases Hua Dong management engages best doctors from other clinics as consultants, so any patient can be sure to get only best and high quality service here. The hospital is large and provides more than 700 beds for visitors.

All medical equipment is modern and represents latest developments in the industry. MR scanners, photon emission computerized tomographs, advanced Xray machines, full-body CT scanners, TCD (transcranial Dopler), precise biochemical and pulmonary analysis systems, scintiscanner are just a small share of equipment available in Hua Dong Hospital.

Everyone can find medical help here and be sure, the diagnostics and medical treatment will be conducted on the highest level possible.

Specialities: Family medicine, Chiropractic care, Surgical service, Traditional Chinese Medicine, In-patient Care
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No.5 building, No.221 West Yan'an Road, Shanghai, China
86 21 6248 3180

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