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CWI International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital

910 Heng Shan Road, Shanghai, China, 200030


In 1952, Madame Soong Ching Ling established China Welfare Institute International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital by the reward from "International Peace Award". This hospital is a state-level hospital with the integration of medical treatment, c ...

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Shanghai Skin Disease and STD Hospital

No.200 Wuyi Road, Shanghai, China, 200050


Shanghai Skin Disease and STD Hospital was established in 1945, is the only State Owned, Specialized Hospital in Sexually Transmitted Disease prevention and treatment in Shanghai,China.

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Shanghai 10th People's Hospital

No.301 Middle Yanchang Road, Shanghai, China, 200072


Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital (Tongji University Affiliated Tenth People's Hospital), founded in 1910, became the first batch of "grade three Class-A" general hospital of the National Ministry of Health in 1993, It owns 2,031 staff members, including m ...

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Ruijin Eye Center - New Vision Eye Clinic

3rd Floor, Jin Kai Li Square,758 Xizang South Road, Shanghai, China, 200011


New Vision Eye Clinic is a symbol for the preservation and enhancement of precious eye sight, created by New Vision Holdings LLC, USA in 1996. New Vision Eye Clinic is dedicated to providing the most current and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment serv ...

Shanghai Changing Maternity & Infant Health Hospital

773 Wuyi Rd,Changning District, Shanghai, China, 200051

Shanghai Changing Maternity & Infant Health Hospital(上海市长宁区妇幼保健院)

Shanghai Hongkou District Mental Health Center

159 Tongxi Road, Hongkou, Shanghai, China, 200083


Shanghai Hongkou District Mental Health Center was established in 1965,is one of the Mental Health Specialty Hospital which setup by Government of Shanghai. Shanghai Hongkou District Mental Health Center Medical Serivce included tristimania treatment,r ...

Ruijin Hospital

No.573 Xujiahui Road, Luwan, Shanghai, China


Ruijin Hospital is a renowned general hospital in Shanghai, China, with the rank of "Grade 3, Class A". It is a University Hospital affiliated to School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univrsity. Established in 1907 Ruijing Hospital was originally call ...

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Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of TCM

725 South Wanping Road, Shanghai, China


Founded in July 1960, Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the four oldest TCM clinical centers in China. Over 50 years, Longhua hospital has been dedicated to development of TCM and is known nationwide for outsta ...

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American Medical Center

888 Tian Lin Road, Bldg.1 East, Shanghai, China, 200233


American Medical Center (AMC) Shanghai is a premier multi-specialty, sports medicine and surgical clinic founded by world-renowned surgeons and physicians. AMC utilizes the most technologically advanced medical imaging and surgical equipment to provide pa ...

Telephone021 6485 7333
Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital

No. 600 Yishan Road Xuhui, Shanghai, China, 200233


Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital, also named as the 6th People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, was founded in 1904. It is a large scale Tertiary Level Class A teaching hospital with comprehensive disciplines. The Hospital has 1766 app ...

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Shanghai Cancer Center

No.270 Dong'an Road Xuhui, Shanghai, China


Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center is set directly under the Ministry of Education of medical, teaching, research, and prevention as one of the 3A hospitals. Hospital was founded in 1931, is the establishment of the first Cancer Hospital; is the only ...

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Renji Hospital

No.145 Middle Shandong Road, Shanghai, China, 200001


Renji Hospital, Founded in 1844, is a municipal tertiary hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Composed of the eastern and the western parts, the hospital covers an area of over 94,000 m2 with a floor area of nearly 150,0 ...

Category:City Hospital
Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Medicine (IM) Hospital

No.110 Ganhe Road, Shanghai, China, 200437


Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Medicine (IM)Hospital, which is affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a Class A Municipal General Hospital, involving with medical care, education, and research, which is also granted by th ...

Category:City Hospital
Shanghai Putuo District Center Hospital

No.164 Lanqi Road, Putuo, Shanghai, China, 200062


Shanghai Putuo District Center Hospital was established since 1957, it directly invested by Shanghai Health bureau, is Grand 2A general hospital in Shanghai China since 1993.

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Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital

225 Changhai Rd, Yangpu, Shanghai, China, 200438


Third Affiliated Hospital of PLA Second Military Medical University (also known as Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital and Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Institute), developed from a small group of three people in 1956, is currently a specialized hospit ...

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Ruijin Hospital - Luwan

149 South Chongqing Road, Shanghai, China

Ruijin Hospital -Luwan (Luwan District Hospital) 瑞金医院卢湾分院(卢湾区中心医院)

Shanghai Seamen's Hospital

No.505 East changzhi Road,Hongkou District, Shanghai, China, 200080


Shanghai Seamen's Hospital(上海海员医院)

Shanghai Cancer Institute

No.25 Lane 2200 Xietu Road, Shanghai, China


The Cancer Institute of SJTU, ie. Shanghai Cancer Institute (SCI) was founded in 1958. It has been an independent research institution on cancer, affiliated to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Health. The SCI was identified by WHO as one of the WHO ...

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Children’s Hospital of Fudan University (Fenglin Clinic)

No.130 Fenglin Road Xuhui, Shanghai, China, 201102


Children’s Hospital of Fudan University is a tertiary medical center for children certified by the Ministry of Health of China. Since founded in 1952, it has been dedicated to providing the pediatric patient care, education and research. It has been consi ...

Category:City Hospital
Shanghai Blood Center

No.1191 Hongqiao, Shanghai, China


In 1978, Shanghai Central Blood Bank (SCBB) came into existence, whose previous existence was the blood bank of Shanghai Medicine and Chemistry Investigation Institution, and it was renamed to Shanghai (Red Cross) Blood Center (SBC) in 1984. In the year 1 ...

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