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Shanghai Centre Medical and Dental Centers (Parkway Health)

203-4 West Retail Plaza,1376 West Nan Jing Rd. Jing An District, Shanghai, China

For those that live or work in the city center, seeking out medical care usually means having to go to a large, intimidating and often crowded hospital that lacks any personalized care. ParkwayHealth's Shanghai Centre Medical & Dental Centers are centrall ...

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Shanghai  Public Health Clinical Center

No.2901 Caolang Gonglu Jinshan, Shanghai, China, 201508


Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and Public Health Clinical Center Affiliated to Fudan University, is the national teaching hospital for disease control and prevention. In addition, Shanghai Pulbic Health Clinical Center is the National HIV & AIDS C ...

Category:City Hospital
Shanghai TCM Hospital Shimen 1st Road Clinic

Lane 67 No.1 Shimen 1st Rd, Shanghai, China


Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is one of the Grand 3A General Hospital in Shanghai China.

Category:City Hospital
Jin Qiao Medical and Dental Center (Parkway Health)

51 Hong Feng Lu, Jin Qiao, Pudong, Shanghai, China

For the benefit of Pudong residents wishing to avoid the crowds and the noise of downtown Puxi, ParkwayHealth offers a conveniently located out-patient medical facility in Jin Qiao. With an overseas trained multilingual staff and a comprehensive range of ...

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Shanghai Yueyang Hospital Qinghai Road Branch

No.44 Qinghai Road, Shanghai, China


Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Medicine (IM)Hospital, which is affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a Class A Municipal General Hospital, involving with medical care, education, and research, which is also granted by th ...

Category:City Hospital
Hong Qiao Medical Center (Parkway Health)

2258 Hong Qiao Lu, Shanghai, China

ParkwayHealth Hong Qiao Medical Center was the first to provide quality medical care to the expat community in Shanghai and continues to be the clinic of choice for you and your family. The Parkway Health Hong Qiao clinic boasts one of the most season ...

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Jinshan Hospital

391 Jinyi Road East, Jinshan, Shanghai, China

Jinshan Hospital of Fudan University is a Grade-C general hospital that doubles as a teaching and research facility. The hospital has 700 beds and 920 medical and technical staff, including 91 directors and deputy directors, 19 professors, 288 doctors and ...

Category:City Hospital
Shanghai Healthway Nobel Eye Hospital

371 XinZha Road, HuangPu District, Shanghai, China

Healthway medical center offers a wide range of medical services, including Family Medicine, Dentistry, Health Screening, ENT and Eye Care. Most of doctors are educated abroad and are highly qualified within their own fields. They are able to communicate ...

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Shanghai No. 9 People’s Hospital

639 Zhizaoju Road, Shanghai, China, 200011


Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, formerly called Bethel Hospital, was established in 1920, and has had a glorious history of nearly 90 years. Now, it has developed into a comprehensive medical institution featuring stomatology, plastic surgery and orthop ...

Category:City Hospital
Shanghai Tongji Hospital

389 Xincun Road, Shanghai, China


Shanghai Tongji Hospital (Used Name: Ganquan Hospital) affiliated to Tongji University located in Putuo District of Shanghai, is a Grand 3A General Hospital in Shanghai China.

Category:City Hospital
Delta Hospital

Building B-5F, 2558 West Yan' an Road, Shanghai, China, 201103


Shanghai Delta West Clinic (SDC) – Puxi Located near the Hongqiao business district and in the heart of the Gubei international community, SDC’s 21,000 sq-ft (1,950 sqm) facility houses an international and domestic team of experienced medical profess ...

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Shanghai Changzheng Hospital

No.415, Fengyang Road, Shanghai, China, 200433


Shanghai Changzheng Hospital is one of the largest and best-known hospitals in China. It is an affiliated teaching hospital of the Second Military Medical University, one of the six key medical universities in China. The hospital was founded in 1900 and l ...

Category:City Hospital
Yangpu Hospital of Tongji University

No.450 Tengyue Road, Shanghai, China


Yangpu Hospital of Tongji University, also known as the Shanghai Yangpu District Central Hospital,was founded in 1948. In1954 it was merged with Sacred Heart Hospital and in 1958 got the name “Yangpu District Central Hospital”. The hospital is a tertiary ...

Category:City Hospital
Shanghai East International Medical Center

551 South Pudong Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

Since 2003, Shanghai East International Medical Center has been providing 24-hour out-patient and in-patient care to the international community not only in Shanghai, but also surrounding provinces. Our dedicated team of multilingual medical professionals ...

Telephone86 21 5879 9999
Shanghai Chinese Medical Literature Hall Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic

No.156 Ruijin 2nd Road, Luwan, Shanghai, China


Shanghai Chinese Medical Literature Hall was founded in 1956, is one of the city level TCM Healthcare Provider in Shanghai China. The Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic of Shanghai Chinese Medical Literature Hall managed by a group of very famous senior t ...

Category:City Hospital
Zhongshan Hospital

180 Fenglin Road, Shanghai, China


Zhongshan Hospital is a major teaching hospital affiliated to the Ministry of Health of China. It was founded in 1937 in commemoration of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great pioneer in the Chinese democratic revolution. Affiliated to the State Medical College of S ...

Category:City Hospital
Huashan Hospital Pudong Fudan University

525 Hongfeng Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Shanghai International Hospital is a comprehensive, international standard healthcare organization conveniently located in Pudong Jing Qiao area in Shanghai. As part of the HuaShan Hospital, one of the nation's highest-level medical teaching and research ...

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New Vision Eye Clinic

758 Xizang South Road (2nd and 3rd Floor, Jin Kai Li Square), Shanghai, China, 200011

New Vision Eye Clinic’s 3,000m² site was designed in conjunction with the leading American ophthalmic clinic design firm, Practice Flow Solutions, and helps us to provide you with a more welcoming and more private environment. Established in 1996, New ...

Shanghai East Hospital VIP department

Floor 3, Out-patient building, No.150 Jimo Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

Hospital buildings have been equipped with central air conditioning system, logistic transmission system and disinfection system, etc. All the wards provide twenty-four hour air conditioning and hot water. A comfortable and clean environment for seeing do ...

Telephone86 21 5882 2171
Huadong Hospital VIP department

No.5 building, No.221 West Yan'an Road, Shanghai, China

For almost 60 years Hua Dong Hospital successfully helps millions of people to restore their health and get rid of annoying diseases. It's widely known not only within the country, but also all over the world. This is proved by the fact every year Hua Don ...

Telephone86 21 6248 3180

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